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Every day more than 17.000 customers worldwide trust in Zünd's digital cutting systems. Among them are the best-known companies in the packaging industry, who have one thing in common:
The desire for economical, flexible and compatible solutions.

With a Zünd Digital Cutter, packaging made of solid board, corrugated board, cardboard and transparent materials such as PP, PET and PVC can be produced individually and in high quality.
The modular system, which sets the Swiss company apart from its competitors, enables a wide range of functions, such as accurate cutting, creasing, stamping, drawing, trimming or perforating. Thanks to the modular system, the flexible adaptation of all Zünd cutters is just as naturally as the subsequent upgrading of existing machines.

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Board Handling System
Digital Cutting Systems

Zünd S3 Digital Cutter

The Zünd S3 flatbed cutter ist because of the small size, the ultra-fast Z and T axes and the revolutionary direct drive very compact and diverse. With six different sizes in the S3 series and the typical Zünd modular tool system, the machine can be upgraded and adapted to new requirements at any time.


All benefits 
  • Due to energy-efficient and high-quality components, the digital cutter is characterised by low power consumption, high energy efficiency and low maintenance costs.
  • The work bench of the S3 consists of an acrylic vacuum plate, which enables an optimal and smoothly adjustable material fixation.
  • The intelligent control software, the fast drive system and the perfected cutting technology optimize the unbeatable speed and performance of the Zünd cutter.
  • The simple, user-friendly and intuitive handling of the S3 series is designed to suit the needs of our customers.
  • The multifunctional cutter enables numerous adaptable production processes. For example, two tool modules can be mounted simultaneously to maximize production capacity.
  • Production can be automated by a collaborative robot.
  • The compact design of the S3 makes the cutter particularly suitable for prototype development and small batch production.
Digital Cutting Systems

Zünd G3 Digital Cutter

The G3 Digital Cutter System is based on the most flexible, adaptable and expandable machine concept on the packaging market.
The high-tech cutting system offers a wide range of powerful tools and options for the accurate processing of different materials such as solid board, corrugated board, cellular material, composite material and much more. With its automation features, modular design and powerful software integration, the digital cutting system enables customised solutions for small and large-scale production.


All benefits
  • The G3 Digital Cutter features perfectly matched control technology, robust machine components and the most modern cutting technology.
  • The integrated and fully automatic tool initialisation ITI enables simple configuration and saves time and costs.
  • In addition, the automatic cutter changer ARC can be equipped with up to eight different tools. The tools are removed, clamped, initialised and cleaned after use fully automatically.
  • The flatbed cutter, which is powered by energy-efficient vacuum turbines, can be divided into individual zones and separately adjusted to the desired width.
  • The Zünd G3 cutter can be equipped with tandem operation for parallel loading and unloading during processing and can be upgraded with a board handling system - BHS and BHS150 - for highly automated production lines.
  • The G3 in sizes L-3200 and XL-3200 with a beam height of 120 mm is ideal for foam processing and packaging production with material thicknesses of up to 110 mm.
  • The modular, efficient and robust design of the G3 makes the cutter particularly suitable for industrial use and production operations.
Digital Cutting Systems

Zünd D3 Digital Cutter

With the D3 Digital Cutter, Zünd opens up a new dimension in cutting quality, precision and speed. With the innovative double beam system, the high-tech cutter focuses on maximum performance. Like the other Zünd cutter systems, the D3 is characterised by its outstanding modularity. With modifications and upgrades, the double-beam cutter can be adapted to new requirements at any time and guarantees an optimised workflow.


All benefits
  • The double beam system of the D3 high performance cutter contributes to higher precision and repeatability.
  • Each beam can be equipped with up to three modules.
  • The ergonomic design of the cutter makes the D3 easily accessible from all sides and enables efficient working.
  • The setting of cutting, trimming and creasing tools is done via the fully automated initialisation system ITI.
  • The Zünd double-beam cutting system is excellently qualified for large-scale industrial operations with very high production outputs.
  • Optionally, the Digital Cutter can be extended and fully automated with cutter extensions, material transport solutions or a Zünd Board Handling System - BHS and BHS150 - as required.
Digital Cutting System

Zünd Board Handling System

Board Handling System - BHS from Zünd expands your production capacity with minimal running costs.

The Zünd Board Handling Systems BHS & BHS150 are highly advanced automated solution used in combination with a Zünd digital cutting system to optimize material flow and handling of board material. It offers a wide range of features, including fully automated material feeding, precise placement and alignment of packaging material and automated cutting, sorting and stacking of finished parts.


All benefits
  • The board handling systems are based on Zünd's well-proven modular principle.
  • BHS & BHS150 are  configured to operate with Zünd G3 and D3 series cutters of sizes L and larger.
  • With a BHS, maximum material output is achieved with minimum labor.
  • Barcode recognition allows different jobs within a stack to be processed fully automatically.
  • Economical even with small formats by using the entire working surface, as the loading unit picks up several sheets and feeds them to the cutter.
  • The bridge-free stacking of the processed sheets and the precisely fitting placement in the stack saves time and costs when separating the individual sheets.
  • The finished stacks can be removed during running production.
  • A G3/D3 with board handling system enables efficient, fully automated 24/7 production.


A perfect workflow with Zünd digital cutting systems and VPack ®

The integration of Zünd high-performance plotters to the 3D CAD/CAM packaging software VPack ® aims to optimise the workflow in the packaging industry. The interface makes it possible to seamlessly organise the entire packaging production process - from the design and construction idea to prototype development and the actual production.

With VPack ® you can configure any packaging elements made of e.g. folding carton, corrugated board, sandwich material, PP, PVC, lightweight foam sheets or foam and transfer the construction data directly to the Zünd plotter without the need for manual work steps or conversions.

The connection of the CAD/CAM software to Zünd cutters leads overall to an improved and more efficient digital production of the packaging. It helps to enhance quality, reduce production time and decrease costs. At a time when the packaging industry is increasingly dependent on faster time-to-market and customised solutions, this is of particular importance.


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