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Our commitment

Since 2010, ERPA has been supporting the association Schulwälder für Westafrika e.V. What was originally a single donation at Christmas has since grown into a constant commitment to the pupils from Agona Asafo.

Schulwälder für Westafrika e.V. has been committed to the reforestation of forests for 15 years in order to counteract the progressive cutting down of the rainforest and to give local children and young people new prospects for the future.

Together with ghanaian school partnerships, they make a valuable contribution to the people of Ghana through extensive projects.


Schulwälder für Westafrika e.V.

Catholic primary school in Agona Asafo

For 13 years, ERPA has been supporting the association Schulwälder für Westafrika e.V. (School Forests for West Africa) and with it, the Agona-Asafo Catholic Primary School and Kindergarten in Ghana. So far, with the help of our donations, a lot of things have been modernised and significantly improved, especially for the benefit of the children. For example, a new kindergarten building was built, including equipment and toys for the children. In addition, teaching and learning materials were provided. Scholarships were also awarded for pupils with outstanding achievements from families without means. But also jerseys and footballs for the school football team were purchased because of the sponsoring. And not to forget - the ERPA forest, which is an essential contribution to the reforestation and protection of tropical forests.


Schulwälder für Westafrika e.V.

Sustainable reforestation

In order to achieve the goal of sustainably planting trees in schoolyards in Ghana, several tree farms were established. An important concern in this project is to teach the children as future actors to take responsibility, to think ecologically and thus to stand up for environmental and climate protection as the most important prerequisite for sustainability. 
The sale of fruit as well as fruit and decorative trees is intended to ensure that the tree farm is financially independent and that seedlings can continue to be distributed free of charge to the surrounding project schools.


Schulwälder für Westafrika e.V.

Access to basic care

Direct access to clean water, electricity and sanitation is essential for health and well-being. To improve living conditions, a water pipe system for clean drinking water was built in the schoolyard to save the children the long walk to fetch water, as this often caused delays in the start of lessons and furthermore put the children in danger on the way.

Access to Storm and the use of computers is also an important contribution for the people in Agona Asafo. Donors from ERPA Systeme GmbH financed the connection of the school to the electricity grid, making the use of computers possible.

Schulwälder für Westafrika e.V.

We say thanks

We say thank you to the volunteers in Germany and Ghana who put a lot of heart and soul into the projects and people.

And we thank our customers who indirectly make this sponsorship possible!
Through your support, we have the opportunity to do good and give something back to the children and young people in Ghana through the association Schulwälder für Westafrika e.V.

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