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Database for constructions


Put an end to multiple designs and expensive errors - the EDB server ensures inter-process data transfer across your design and metadata and boosts your company's production performance.

The ERPA Database Server is the perfect solution for companies in the packaging industry that strive for efficiency and functionality.


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Database for constructions


By centrally managing the storage of your know-how, our server not only enables smooth teamwork within your development department, but also creates seamless communication across different locations. With the ERPA database server, you can store as much metadata of a CAD drawing as you like, such as customer name, material, width, price and much more.

With the help of filter functions, even extensive amounts of data can be searched in seconds. This means you always have an overview and can easily retrieve important information - all with just a few clicks.


Connection for a perfect workflow


The EDB-server is the interface for efficient data management of design files in the modern business world. It is made to optimize the preservation, retrieval and availability of your design and metadata.
As a communication interface, the server enables seamless data transfer between the CAD/CAM-Software VPack® as well as VERPAK and your in-house database.

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