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VKalk Server

The new era of packaging calculation


Discover the future of packaging calculation with VKalk-Server!

Imagine being able to get accurate prices and production information for packaging in real time, without having to rely on lengthy processes or experts. The VKalk-Server makes it possible to effortlessly create customised offers - for sales or for your online shop.


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VKalk Server

Time saving

With 10 orders per day, each requiring 15 minutes of processing time without VKalk, the time saved with VKalk is 2,5 hours. And that every day! 

You effortlessly create individual quotations without using the CAD development department. VKalk eliminates double entries and manual data transfers. Your workflows are optimized, errors are minimized and communication between different departments is greatly facilitated. From sales to packaging production to building your e-commerce platform - everyone benefits from the central source of the VKalk server.

VKalk 3D-Web Server

Configurations in your online shop


Customers and users of web shops benefit from the innovation of the VKalk-server. With the VKalk in the background, your customers can set up individual packaging in an custom-sized format around the clock, configure it with scaled graphics including print image in 2D and 3D and have it calculated immediately - without having to rely on the availability of employees.

Pricing is not only fast, but also precise, because the server takes into account different packaging standards such as ECMA, FEFCO and even customer-specific specifications.


For an example click through the web store of our customer BOXSYS

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