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Since its founding over 80 years ago, Canon has been a leader in digital imaging technology for consumers, businesses and industry. This has enabled Canon to develop industry-leading technologies that exceed the needs of the packaging industry. 

With Canon's award-winning Arizona Family UV flatbed printers and Colorado M-Series fully modular UVgel roll-to-roll printers, you have versatile production capabilities for efficient and accurate printing.


Canon Arizona UV flatbed printer

The award-winning Arizona Series digital printers have been impressing customers for more than a dozen years with high image quality, impressive productivity and reliability, versatility and manageable investment costs. With the Arizona 135 GT flatbed digital printer, Canon launched a Large Format Printing system (UV-LED) in the entry-level segment.

All benefits
  • Canon's advanced Arizona flatbed technology, combined with UV-LED-curing enables a wide range of applications on rigid or flexible media.
  • Very high print quality at speeds up to 34.2 m² per hour.
  • Materials with a size of 125 x 250 cm and a thickness of up to 50.8 mm can be printed.
  • By using instant-on functionality and minimal warm-up time of the LED lamps, the Canon Arizona 135 GT consumes a minimum of energy.
  • Flexible drop sizes can be selected using advanced VarioDot grayscale printing technology. With variable drop sizes from 6 to 30 picoliters, the Arizona not only achieves clear images, but also uses up to 50% less ink.
  • Arizona Xpert prepress software makes it easy to develop and produce high-quality prints such as relief printing.
  • The Arizona has a range of service features for print production, such as an automatic printhead maintenance system that requires no manual intervention and selectively restores nozzle function within seconds.
  • Nesting, stacking of complex jobs, step-and-repeat, mirroring, and reassignment of print modes are quickly set due to ease of use.



Canon Colorado UVgel roll-to-roll printer

Take advantage of the established benefits of UVgel technology with the fully modular Canon Colorado M-Series printers. Configure the roll-to-roll printer to suit your needs and upgrade later if your needs grow. The Colorado roll-to-roll printer delivers large-format graphics with reliable print quality and great turnaround times at a low cost of ownership.

All benefits
  • The roll-2-roll printer handles very thin, textured, transparent, colored, reflective, magnetic and heat-sensitive materials.
  • The scalable M-Series opens up two output speeds with the Colorado M3 (up to 111 sqm/h) or the Colorado M5 (up to 159 sqm/h).
  • Both variants (M3 & M5) can also be upgraded to M3W and M5W models with a new white UVgel ink option.
  • The Canon Colorado M-Series can be upgraded at any time without a service visit due to its modular design and also impresses with low power consumption and 40% lower ink usage.
  • With extensive automation features, the R2R Canon printer minimizes your staff and operating costs.
  • UVgel technology produces robust, fade-resistant and scratch-resistant prints.
  • FLXfinsh⁺ allows matte, glossy or combined matte/glossy printing in one pass.
  • The 160 cm wide UVgel printer is well suited for laminating corrugated board.



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