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Packaging design in 2D

2D CAD/CAM software VERPAK


VERPAK is a 2D CAD/CAM software for packaging design that focuses on productivity and flexibility in the development of packaging and displays.

With the practical functions, the design of a packaging in two-dimensional space can be accomplished in seconds.


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We work closely with our customers to continuously develop the CAD/CAM software and adapt it to the latest requirements in packaging design.

With VERPAK we offer a software for packaging development that corresponds to the latest state of development, can be used flexibly as well as quickly and still remains cost-effective.



VERPAK's integrated library has more than 1200 ECMA and FEFCO packaging standards. Enter the desired dimensions and instantly get many thousands of sample variants. A standard package can contain far more features than a parameterized design.

In addition to the intuitive design tools, folding processes can also be easily simulated with VERPAK - this allows you to check your designed packaging sample during construction. The 3D representation of the design as a wireframe model can also serve you for the same purpose.

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With VERPAK light we offer you an entry into packaging development that is easy to understand, flexible, quick to use and cost-effective. VERPAK light gives you the opportunity to create packaging on your own, without any special prior knowledge, using an extensive standard library.

The focus of the CAD/CAM software is on effectiveness and productivity in packaging and display design. A later upgrade of the to a VERPAK full version or a 3D CAD/CAM license VPack® is also possible.


All benefits


  • Fast and easy design of packaging and displays through practical design tools in 2D
  • Semi-automated design tools for customized packaging solutions
  • Library with more than 1200 ECMA and FEFCO standards with several thousand possible packaging samples
  • Design company-specific standards with PARMUS (Parametrisierte Mustererstellung)
  • Integrate all common graphic and CAD formats (e.g. CF2, EPS, DXF, PDF), also customized for specific companies
  • A surface structure with 3D representation can be automatically generated from external formats
  • 3D representation in wireframe model, incl. simulation of folding processes
  • Analyzes material consumption, waste, line lengths, net & gross dimensions, corrugation and fiber run and other important information
  • Tools for the creation of cutting dies and counter dies
  • Modular constructions specific to packaging and displays
  • Connection to all common digital cutting systems (e.g. ZÜND, ARISTO, elcede, Kongsberg, Lasercomb, Data Technology), databases and ERP-systems
  • Easy to use (max. 3 days of training)
  • Cost-effective, company-specific adaptable, easy integration, quickly deployable
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