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Wednesday, 20. September 2023

NEW - ZÜND Board Handling System BHS150

Stack height of about 150 cm!

Brand new: The fully automatic Board Handling System made by ZÜND grants the user a stack height of about 1,5 m.

The advantages in one view: 

  • significantly longer operating hours
  • economical and efficient large editions 
  • finished stacks can be removed during the current production
  • bridgeless unloading
  • material thickness up to 110 mm 
  • fully automatic process of different jobs within one stack with barcode scanning and reading
  • economical for small formates as well because of utilisation of full working space 
  • proven modular concept made by ZÜND
  • appropriate for ZÜND G3/D3 cutter of the L- und XL-series

Experience the new Board Handling System 150cm stack height in action!

ZÜND Imagefilm

Current ZÜND Imagefilm- Your first choice in digital cutting.

ZÜND Imagefilm on YouTube


Integrated Tool Initialization

Worldwide more than 17,000 customers rely day in, day out on Zund cutting systems. Among them are many of the most recognizable names in the packaging industry, but they all have one thing in common – the need for costeffective, flexible, and compatible solutions.

Because of close customer contact, fulfillment of market needs and the continuous development of cutting tools, ZUND one of the leading manufactorers of high-capacity cutting machines. As a result, every day, throughout the world, hundreds of ZUND cutters are involved - some around the clock - in the production of packages made out of carton, corrugated cardboard, transparent materials like PP, PET and PVC as well as in die-making.

The ZUND line of products is focused on reliability, precision, productivity, and versatility - characteristics that are becoming indispensable for meeting the challenges of samplemaking and production in today’s packaging industry.

Many reliable cutting machines of the well-known company WILD can still be found in the Euriopean packaging industry. For WILD cutting machines, replacement parts and service are today delivered by ZUND and can be requested over ERPA.


Universal Module with CTT1, UCT, POT
Universal Module with EOT, UCT, Routing Tool

The successful precision flatbed cutters are made in Switzerland. Since years, ZUND is the leading supplier for multifunctional and efficient cutting systems and sets high standarts in terms of quality, steadiness and versatility.

The modular and open system, which is the main difference to competitors, offers many versatile functions, for instance creasing, scoring, perforating, cutting, oscillating, routing, milling, engraving etc. This "mix-and-match" concept is your advantage. Choose the Universal module and tool combinations that perfectly match your requirements. Easily add to, or upgrade your system configuration whenever the need arises.

The success of ZUND flatbed cutter is based on the constant development of innovative solutions in cooperation and constant touch with software suppliers and customers. Steadiness, accuracy and efficiency are the demanded characteristics in the packaging industry, hence more and more clients use ZUND cutter. 

More information: www.zund.com or via ERPA.

New Cutter - The D3 doubles your prouductivity!

D3 2XL-3200 with double beam

With the D3-Cutter ZÜND creates a new dimension of cutting quality, pecision and cutting speed.

The highlights of D3 at a glance: 

  • double beams for maximum productivity
  • modular cutter concept and flexible tool configuration
  • integrated tool initialization
  • highest ergonomics and easy handling
  • fully automated production in combination with the Board Handling System
  • best price-performance ratio

Video: ZÜND D3 with Board Handling Systemhttps://youtu.be/hyJjGTM7Fow

D3 technical overview

D3 technical data

ZÜND was given EDP Award 2016 for “Best wide format finishing solution”

With the new flagship cutter D3 ZÜND was granting the EDP Award 2016 at the drupe fair 2016 in Düsseldorf for the category “Best wide format finishing solution”.

It is a huge challenge for suppliers of high performance cutter to respond to companies increasing demand of higher performance, faster processing procedures and machines as well as the trend of industrial automation. Our partner ZÜND has passed through this competition successfully with it’s new dual-beam-cutting system D3 and furthermore has made an significant gain in productivity.


With the new twin-beams-system, which each can carry up to three different tool modules, it is possible to cut, scratch and crease independently and simultaneously in one efficient production workflow. For markets which demand for ultimate performance it will set new benchmarks and will clear competitive advantages.

ZÜND Perforating Tool

New - ZÜND Perforating Tool PTT1- For corrugated cardboard, solid cardboard,  PP (polypropylene) and vinyl as well. 

Please contact us if you would like to have further informations!

ZÜND Perforating Tool PTT1


You need accessories, mountings or replacement parts for your ZUND cutting system?

At ERPA, you get original new and used components for almost all flatbed cutters available on the market!


In order to get more information about cutting system sizes and models, please click on the picture to enlarge it:

G3 Cutter sizes
S3 Cutter sizes
D3 Cutter sizes
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