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Wednesday, 31. May 2023


ERPA Systeme GmbH is exploring new markets together with the renowned company Canon. In Germany ERPA is an Océ authorized reseller of Arizona flatbed-printer in the Display Graphic Systems branch and is also a longtime business partner with the cutter manufacturer ZUND. ERPA, a German software company with a long history in packaging and cutting solutions, developed a comprehensive workflow for the printing, packaging, display and folding box industry - interesting especially for small and medium-size companies.

ERPA offers them this one-stop-service for the packaging development and manufacturing:
Cardboard and corrugated board packaging and promotional displays (POS/POP) can be created on screen by ERPA's 3D-CAD/CAM-software VPACK ®. After designing them, the packaging can be printed immediately on high-quality digital flatbed-printers, followed by creasing and cutting on digital cutters in one step. This process decreases developing time significantly, enabling maximum flexibility in high quality and reducing production costs at the same time.
Every single complete system is customized to each customer's individual requirements of designing and manufacturing prototypes or batch production of small series.

Download: Flyer "ERPA workflow solution - Design | Print | Cut"


With your or with your partners, we would be happy to optimise your company specific workflow, as mentioned in the box below. Workflow optimisation in your company could include the integration of your packaging construction department with any database, enterprise resource planning, merchandise information system, preproduction planning or toolmaking.

As a result of our longtime experience in the field of workflow integration and adaption in the packaging industry, we are a qualified partner for our customers; examples are our consultation regarding additional software functions followed by the joint integration into your company-specific environment.

ERPA's 3D CAD CAM software can be connected to and integrated with any standard database or enterprise resource planning system. Integration of systems like CSG (Boxsoft), SSH (Prima Verpackung), Lean Projects (AXAPTA), theurer.com (C3), SAP, databases like Informis, Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL or Access have been realized and are successfully in use. The innovative integration of AXAPTA with ERPA VKALK Server can be found below.

Do you produce packaging prototypes, varnished boards, rubber blankets or small packaging batches with a cutting machine? We would be happy to integrate your flatbed cutter with our 3D CAD CAM software! Do you need to buy a new plotter? We advise you on all questions of system solutions and soft- and hardware integration. With more than 20 years of knowledge in the packaging industry, with specially trained service assistants and with the experience of hundreds of successful integration projects, ERPA is a reliable partner for all your integration projects in the packaging industry.


The ERPA VKALK Server for AXAPTA calculates and constructs packaging standards easily by using XML. ERPA VKALK Server uses the same calculation base and standards as ERPA's 3D CAD CAM software VERPAK und VPACK ®.

ERPA VKALK Server was developed in cooperation with our partner Lean Projects. Target was to find a solution especially for the packaging industry that allows the integrated calculation and presentation of standards in packaging construction.

Via the ERP system AXAPTA, the user can request package standards, which are answered by the ERPA VKALK Server with a listing of all available standards directly out of 3D CAD CAM software VERPAK und VPACK ®. If special standards need to be chosen out of the listing, VKALK offers all parameters demanded. The reported picture of the construction (single and sheet layout) as well as additional information like line measures, waste material, surface area or gros/net measures is calculated automatically for the values typed in by the customer.


Individually optimised system solutions that guarantee a smooth workflow -
this is our strength! Our ambition is the complete integration of your package development department with the remainder of your company facilitated by an optimised workflow. What does that mean?

Complete integration means that the development department is connected to all other departments of the company, e.g. to purchasing, production, calculation division, logistics, sales or CTP. Optimised workflow designates that data transfer in between the departments is automised. The data flow arrives automatically in the specified department, e.g. the CAD CAM system exports data of material quantity automatically to the calculation department for the selling price calculation of the package.

In short, the integrated workflow in the packaging development department contains all steps in handling a customer order: from sales order, package design, prototyping, offer preparation and data transfer to calculation, purchasing, storage and tool construction to pre-production preparation, production, delivering, issuing the invoice, statistics and reporting procedures at year end.

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