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Thursday, 21. September 2023


VERPAK is a packaging design software developed by ERPA whose major advantages are efficiency and flexibility in packaging design. In close teamwork with its customers, ERPA continously advances and adapts VERPAK to the highest demands in packaging design. As a result, a high-end, flexible and cost efficient packaging software tool is offered to you which is easy to integrate in your company-specific environment.

Find out which advantages VERPAK offers to you!


VERPAK-light was designed as an inexpensive entry level tool for packaging construction. The possibility to create packaging independently without branch specific prior knowledge, make VERPAK-light one of a kind.

Please download our current VERPAK-light product flyer here


With VERPAK, the user profits from functions that were especially developed for the packaging industry. Packages can be constructed from scratch within a few seconds. Your constructions lead to data that can directly be used by other departments in your company like any production engineering unit (cutting, grooving, drafting, scoring, milling, lasering and many more).

You have company-specific needs regarding software integration? No problem! VERPAK is an open system which can be easily adapted to your company-specific needs and technical conditions.

The software simulates folding steps - that enables the feasibility monitoring of your new construction during the packaging design process. The automatic 3D-display as wireframe graphics with hidden lines allows to simulate and recall folding steps for an easy, rapid and efficient packaging design.

Use the large design library! It offers more than 600 ECMA, FEFCO, PHARMA and DISPLAY-Standards, resulting in several 1000 packaging design samples. The disgn library is based on the ERPA tool PARMUS: Type in the package measures you need and one standard results in uncountable varieties of the same standard package. ERPA standards, e.g. for displays, include many more functions than a regular parameterised standard!


  • VERPAK is easy to learn & use (maximum of 3 days training-assistance)
  • Integration of all important standard formats for the graphics, print and CAD industries (e.g. CF2, EPS, DXF, PDF), additional formats can be tailored individually
  • Automatic identification of external formats and output in 3D
  • 3D-display as wireframe, including simulation of folding steps
  • Sheet-layout optimization depending on your technical conditions
  • Automatic output of length of lines, net- and gross-metrics, fibre- and wave-length
  • Printed construction reports generated directly out of VERPAK according to company needs
  • Company-specific standards with PARMUS
  • Prototyping on your cutting machine directly out of VERPAK
  • Tools for the construction of cutting modules and counterboards
  • Different tools for automation and analysis
  • Assembly group construction especially for packages and displays
  • Produce sheet-layout out of every packaging design
  • Connection and integration of any cutting system (e.g. ZÜND, ARISTO, elcede, Kongsberg, Lasercomb, Data Technology), database or ERP-system with VERPAK
  • Standards library with more than 600 ECMA, PHARMA, FEFCO, Display-Standards, resulting in several 1000 packaging designs
  • Individually shaped input masks and printing reports
  • Cost-efficient, adaptable on technical conditions, simple integration
  • Easy and quick design of packages and displays with construction-tools oriented on daily business in the packaging industry
  • Software solutions all from one hand - ERPA is your contact person for all questions concerning packaging construction in your company!
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