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Tuesday, 30. May 2023

ERPA AiVPack Adobe Illustrator Plug-in

AiVPack Adobe® Illustrator® plug-in by ERPA

ERPA AiVPack product video in English on our Youtube channel

Adobe® Illustrator® CS6/CC Plug-in AiVPACK

NEW - AiVPack 3D-Module

Our plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator® is now available with an optional 3D-tool.

AiVPack 3D-Module features: 

  • visualization of selected standards in 3D
  • dynamic folding and unfolding of AiVPack standards
  • import and 3D-visualization of constructive changes within Adobe® Illustrator®
  • import of front and back graphic layouts from Ai® to rendered in 3D
  • 3D-PDF-Export: 3D-visualization with layouts from Ai® 

If we have aroused your curiosity please feel free to contact us directly. We would appreciate to give you an online presentation of our 3D-Module or a suitable offer.

The perfect symbiosis from creativity and execution

Drawing area
Standard library

AiVPack is an innovative plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator® WIN CS6 or higher and MAC CC2014 or higher which enables the user to create packaging in a quick, simple and well-arranged way.

You can choose from more than 140 up to 700 industry-approved packaging standards which can then be customized to your needs.

The main benefit when constructing and customizing with AiVPack is the saving of time compared to manually constructing just with Adobe® Illustrator®.

With just a few clicks by entering the dimensions and the thickness of the material, your packaging is already constructed.

This allows you to create complex packaging and displays without having any prior knowledge of packaging design or the need of a professional packaging designer.

The individual line configuration in this software is variable which assures that the created data can be further processed in the company’s internal workflow.

Our plug-in integrates smoothly into the Adobe® Illustrator® graphic interface so you don´t have to adapt to another appearance.

AiVPack enables your company many possibilities to ease up your workflow and to achieve high quality results in a cost efficient way.


supported Adobe® Illustrator® versions:

Windows: CS6/CC/CC2014/CC2015/CC2017/CC2018/CC2019/CC2020
MAC: CC2014/CC2015/CC2017/CC2018/CC2019/CC2020

supported operating systems:

Windows: 7/8/10

MAC: 10.9 an higher

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