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Wednesday, 5. May 2021

ZÜND wins EDP Award 2016

Friday 10. June 2016

D3 - Recognizing productivity at the highest level

ZÜND was given EDP Award 2016 for “Best wide format finishing solution”

With the new flagship cutter D3 ZÜND was granting the EDP Award 2016 at the drupe fair 2016 in Düsseldorf for the category “Best wide format finishing solution”.

It is a huge challenge for suppliers of high performance cutter to respond to companies increasing demand of higher performance, faster processing procedures and machines as well as the trend of industrial automation. Our partner ZÜND has passed through this competition successfully with it’s new dual-beam-cutting system D3 and furthermore has made an significant gain in productivity.


With the new twin-beams-system, which each can carry up to three different tool modules, it is possible to cut, scratch and crease independently and simultaneously in one efficient production workflow. For markets which demand for ultimate performance it will set new benchmarks and will clear competitive advantages.

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