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Wednesday, 20. September 2023

Original ZÜND consumables in highest quality

Customer satisfacition ist one of the highest priority of the company ZÜND. In view of a continious improvement of their products and an increase of efficiancy, cutting quality, stability and customer satisfaciton as well ZÜND ist permanently resarching for new blades, knives, router bits and tools for various scopes of application (f. ex. solid board, corrugated cardboard and so on).

Let you gain insight the product research of ZÜND from the idea, atop development/construction up to the completion of new knives and router bits. ZÜND particularly cares of the application of high-quality materials and production methods during the manufacture of several cutter consumables. This ensures maximal quality and stability.

Please let you convice of Swiss quality-products made by ZÜND. You can directly order by ERPA and get attractivce prices. Your order will be delivered within 1-3 days even if you order just 1 piece - there is no shortage of quantities!

ZÜND consumablesl


At ERPA, you can get a large variety of original components and add-ons for the following cutting system producers:

  • ZUND Systemtechnik AG
  • Wild

Parts, mountings and accessories like

  • Cutting mats, knife mats, cutting underlay
  • Blades: flat knives, plotter knives ( e.g. ZUND Z20 , Z21  , Z10 ,  Z11 , Z12 , Z13 , Z61 ) 
  • Engraving and router bits: e. g. E6 , E5 ,  R113 , R104 , R103
  • Tool heads for ZUND Tz-T-P
  • Universal module UM-S , UM-60
  • Plotting cartridges and pens ( MAM-S , MAM-D )
  • Creasing tools and wheels (e. g. CTT1 , CTT2 , CTT3 )
  • Knife holder, Gliding disc
  • ZUND special accessories: e.g. POT (e. g. POT-40va/1,5 ) and EOT (e. g. EOT-3 , EOT-40 )
  • Conveyor 
  • V-Cut ( VCT ,  VCT-S )
  • Kisscut ( KCM-S )
  • Routing tool and spindles ( DRT )
  • ZÜND Cut Center ZCC
  • and many more

are available at ERPA at all times for cheap prices in small and large amounts.

Profit from ERPA's instant service: In most cases, your order will be shipped the same day! For express deliveries, please contact us by phone in order to get notice about availability and delivery time.

We are looking forward to your order by phone, email or fax.

Are you unsure about your needs? Would you like to test new features or components? Please contact us, we would be happy to help you regarding these questions!

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