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Wednesday, 5. May 2021

Islandic Horses

The company owner André König supports on a voluntary basis as the first chairman the “Interessengemeinschaft Islandpferde Göttingen”.

Entirely based on the slogan “Reitest Du noch oder töttest Du schon?“ Erpa is the sponsor of this year’s “Tölt” examination at the German Youth Islandic Horse Championship in Berlin.

However also in our ERPA office space Islandics found their place and surely grace many an office wall.

German Youth Icelandic Horse Championship 2013

ERRPA is sponsoring the DJIM 2013

Already for the fourth time the “Islandpferde-Reiter-und Züchterverband e.V.” organized the DJIM on the stud Ellenbach in Kaufungen.

From July 22 to July  27 more than 500 competitors at the age of 6 to 21 joined in and proved their talents in roughly 100 different tests. Apart from the competition especially the extreme variety of the Icelandic horses and the riders  was the main aspect as well as the fun of sports.

With our donation, this year once again we wanted to support the DJIM and the dedication for youth sports in particular.

Test results (examinations sponsored by ERPA) H1/T2 Tölt

01: 209 Sina Lacours (Juniors) – Kjarkur vom Öxney-Hof 7,29

01: 443 Hanne Böckmann (Juniors) – Hraki vom Wartberg 7,25

03: 075 Johanna Beuk (Juniors) – Dýri von Fjallaborg 7,17

04: 399 Sarja Stendel (Juniors) – prár frá Wetshinghe 7,08

05: 165 Lucie Leuze (Juniors) – Hjalti vom Schloßberg 6,75

06: 102 Lena Maxheimer (Juniors) Frábaer frá Fjós Héri 6,38,38

At this year’s Icelandic horse world cup that will be held from 04.08 – 11.08 in Berlin, participants and spectators, which, among others include the Icelandic president, can expect a unique ride – from “Siegessäule” to “Brandenburger Tor”.

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