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Wednesday, 20. September 2023

December 2014 - March 2015

For Christmas 2014 we again supported our partner school and partner kindergarten in Ghana with a donation, so we were able to fulfill the children’s special wish.

Ghana is a country in which soccer plays an important role. Hence the children’s deepest wish was soccer shirts, so they could attend football competitions and much more. This wish came true.

Thanks to our donation for Christmas the kids are now quipped with our wonderful football jerseys. We are happy that we were able to fulfill their dream as this sport offers a change to their daily life and contributes to strengthen the children’s feeling of community and to enrich their self-esteem.

May 2013: News from Erpa’s fundraising project “Schulwälder für Westafrika e.V.”

Handover of the from us donated Wortmann- Laptop to Mr. Henry Bonzie

In his function as project coordinator as well as first chairman, Mr. Sam Essiamah traveled back to his home country Ghana from February 15th to March 22nd 2015 as part of the “Schulwälder für Westafrika e.V.”- society.

On the occasion of his Ghana visit, Mr. Essiamah got informed with the latest image of the progresses of the projects “ERPA- Wald”, “ERPA- Kindergarten” and “ERPA- Schule”. Straight after his arrival in Accra, Ghana the Wortmann- Laptop, sponsored by ERPA has been handed over to Mr. Henry Bondzie . The handover took place in the country- and forestry ministry. Thanks to our donation Mr. Bonzie, as teacher and project coordinator of the Asafo R/C school, now is able to fulfill his important coordination work for our ERPA school project efficiently and more easily.

Dr. Sam Essiamah ab Mr. Henry Bondzie

Good and bad news in the ERPA project

On March 11th 2013, Mr. Sam has been in Agona Asafo in order to visit „our“ school/ kindergarten, to admire the new furniture as well as to assess the progress of the ERPA- forest.

The good news: The furniture has finally been completely purchased and is already in use by the children. Thanks to the construction of a Kindergarten, financed through money donated by ERPA, the demand of Kindergarten places is big enough that by now already three Kindergarten teachers are being employed.

The bad news: on March 9th 2013 a heavy tropical storm hit the district that Asafo belongs to and caused a large damage. Due to the strong hurricane, two large trees in the "old" ERPA forest have fallen and destroyed parts of the freshly seeded ERPA forest. Thanks to Sam’s commitment accompanied by the support of the Ghanaian education authority and the forest governance, numerous school- and kindergarten children in Agona Asafo seeded new trees on the ruined areas. Now we hope that the new plantings will grow fast and no tornado will hit the region again.  

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